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Golden Bridge Mortgage Solutions is a licensed mortgage company that provides all conventional and government agency residential mortgage products with innovated technologies. Our platform can provide you or your clients' rate quotes, pre-approvals, and loan approvals through our secured portal without any hurdle and confusion. Once the application starts, all registered parties will receive the notification on any change of the file. Consumers have ability to respond, upload and sign any necessary requests from their smartphones, tablets or computers anywhere and anytime. We thrive by providing seamless and transparent service to our consumers

Doggo Funding LLC ( “Doggo”) is a Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QM) online mortgage marketplace that offers an efficient and transparent mortgage process. Doggo simplifies the complicated traditional offline mortgage process by using its AI technology to compare and provide the loan products that suit you the best in minutes. Whether you’ve submitted an offer or are just getting started, Doggo’s technology and team of experienced mortgage experts aim to provide you with the educational tools and transparent guidance to help you achieve an efficient home buying journey from start to finish. Our mission is to be the Doggo you trust, a Non-QM residential mortgage marketplace, where you can easily obtain the best loan product you are looking for and close each transaction without hurdles and hassle

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